The Day of Your Procedure

Try to get a good night’s rest the night before. Take all of your medications unless otherwise directed by us, or by your prescribing physician. Have a light breakfast unless otherwise instructed.

Since you may be with us much of the day, you may want to bring reading material or a small radio/cassette player with ear-phones to pass the time while waiting. A companion is welcome to stay with you in the waiting area; you will not be confined to the surgery room during the waiting periods. Please bring a lunch and/or snacks, as you could be with us well into the afternoon.

All surgery is done under local anesthesia. You will not be receiving any medications that will make you drowsy.

Be sure to bring the following to your appointment:

1. Insurance card and insurance referral (if required by your insurance)
2. Name and address of your primary care provider
3. Name and address of your dermatologist or referring doctor




Surgical Room

Our facility features modern state-of-the-art surgical rooms to assure your utmost comfort and convenience.


The Mohs Lab

Our on-site lab brings a new level of innovation to cryostat technology with highest standards of accuracy and performance. …


Waiting Area

Relax while waiting in our comfortable waiting room, or surf the web and review your email on the computer workstation.